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Growing up, I was very often surrounded by cartoons and video games, which meant that I never had a shortage of subjects to draw during the many times I was doing so.  The element from my favorite characters that always resonated with me above all else was the expressiveness of these characters in everything they did; the way they moved, the looks on their faces, everything about them felt so full of life to me.  Even now, whenever I create a character, the first thing I try to nail before anything else is the way they express themselves.

My name is Aaron Trost, and I'm currently working as a Production Coordinator and an Animatic Editor at the Exceptional Minds Animation Studio.

When attending school, I didn't know right away that I wanted to enter the animation industry, but whatever my educational goals were at any given time I was always drawing  characters on the side.  After taking some time away from education, I realized that I wanted to work with characters, so at that point I was better able to narrow my education focus.  It wasn't until I began attending Cal State University of Channel Islands that I was introduced to animation, and it was love at first sight.  Since then I've taken many more lessons in animation as well as other similar areas, such as storyboarding and 3D Modeling, and even spent a summer at Nickelodeon Animation as a Production Intern.  Now that I have also completed the three-year education program at Exceptional Minds and gained some work experience in the Exceptional Minds studio to boot, I am currently aiming to pursue a career in Animation Production, while still continuing to refine my skills as an artist as well.

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